How To Be Great!

󾰀 How To Be GREAT! 󾰀
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Posted by Robert Hollis on Thursday, August 11, 2016

To be great, you need to be of service to many. You get by giving! We’ve all heard this many times and in many ways, you just need to apply it. Giving makes you great.

How can you be of service?

Make a conscious decision when you get up every day! Give compliments, like posts on Facebook, say something positive in your comments. Do what you wish others would do for you!

I love waking up to all kinds of positive likes and shares on my posts. All I keep doing every day is sewing and sewing seeds of positivity, and now people actually think I’m lucky! I used to not be good at this!

You have to be willing to start when you’re not great yet.

I used to be bad on video. I used to keep saying, “uh…um..”, I’d lose track of what I was saying all the time! Now it comes naturally! People tell me all the time now that I seem to be a natural on camera. I’m just getting better! I’ve spent thousands of hours in front of the camera and I was awful! You’re awful until you’re not!


There’s a lot of people that go on and on about how they feel stuck, don’t know what to say, they’re saying the wrong things or using the wrong words.  So what! You continue to be bad, until you’re not as bad. Then you’re sort of good. Then you’re okay. Then you’re good. Then you’re better. Then you’re great!

Continue to do it, and I know you’re going to make it. You might be thinking that you’re not good at anything yet, or you’re not documented. You DON’T have to be documented!

All you have to do is learn and share, learn and share. Watch people that are documented in teaching others, listen and learn from them, then share what you learned!

The only thing that’s stopping you from being great is that you’re just not giving.

You become great when you understand that you can be successful, happy, and fulfilled by simply making others feel better. When you watch my videos, I just want you to feel a little better than you did before you watched! I want to give you hope that you CAN do this. Because if I could do it, I know you can!

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