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󾓝󾓝 If I Had MONEY I Could….! 󾓝󾓝
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Posted by Robert Hollis on Sunday, August 14, 2016

I want to cover something I refer to as Stinking Thinking!

It’s about mindset.

Yesterday I did a Ask me Anything on Facebook live and my new friend and partner with the Shadow Commission Project Paul Turner asked the question “what’s more important mindset or action?”

And right away I said mindset, as a thought came to my mind since the Olympics have been on this last week. If you were a gymnast and you jump up on the balance beam, wouldn’t you want to have the right mindset, the confidence to be great up there!


The right mindset helps you towards your practice to take action.

Mindset helps you with the right intentions.

Many people are marketing something, but in reality they are just salespeople.

They’re only looking for the money, they’re not looking to establish a business.

Unfortunately they don’t build a following.

This is about having the mindset of being resourceful!

One of my favorite books is The Science of getting Rich, which was written before the book Think and grow Rich.

Which in both books an important key is to Think!

Most people think that they need resources to be successful, such as money, leads, a big email list ect.

And the unfortunate thing that happens to many is that they become paralyzed.

They analyze till they are paralyzed!

They become stuck thinking that they need resources instead of being resourceful.

Tony Robbins did a Ted Talk and it was one of the most viewed Ted Talk ever

Tony Robbins says “Instead of looking or needing resources, become resourceful.”

When you hear of people who have won the lottery only to be broke two years later.

Or of Athletes who sign a large money contract to play ball only to not have too much money when they retire or if the unfortunate were to happen and they get hurt and can no longer play ball.

They were never taught to have their money work for them.

Learn to think, learn to have your money make money for you. Learn to be resourceful.

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