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Posted by Robert Hollis on Monday, August 22, 2016


What are your thoughts about money?

Do you think that the way you think about money could be holding you back?

Some think it’s a curse! Crazy!


Based on how you grew up is probably why you think about money like you do.

Have you ever heard that money changes people?

And sadly for some it’s not for the good!

I have a few friends that just will not disclose how much money they make a year.

It’s something that they refuse to discuss.

We have what we call “scotomas” – blank spots, which are in a sense limiting beliefs of money and why we don’t deserve to have a lot of it, or ask for it.

Many people really have a hard time asking someone for money.

What if someone owes you money?

Think of the feeling you get when someone asks to borrow money from you

And if you do borrow money to someone, how do you go about asking for it back?

I used to think that you had to be super smart to make a lot of money…

That you had to work really hard to make a lot of money…

That you had to work extra hours to make a lot of money…

That you had to sacrifice time with your family and the things that you liked to do

to make a lot of money…

Some think the 1%ers are greedy, egotistical people who only take money from the 98%ers.

I’ve heard people say “money’s not important”.

It’s right up there with the importance of oxygen!

We all need money to buy things, pay the mortgage, rent for some.

Car payments, utilities, food, insurance.

Money is extremely important.

Some make just enough to get by. If I make more money I’ll have to pay more taxes.

You don’t need to be super smart to make a lot of money.

Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, Mercedes did. He couldn’t read or write.

What he did do is he learned how to market and sell more cars.

Let’s work on our thoughts on money

Limiting beliefs on money is that we’re not deserving to make a lot of money

Unworthiness, lack of self confidence.

It’s time to switch your thinking, re-frame your mind on money and what it means to you.

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