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Craigslist Free Classified Ads Craigslist Free Classified Ads
In this video I talk about what is included in my Craigslist Training Room Videos which are new and updated as of August 2015

I go over some of the pitfalls with craigslist free classified ads and I also give information on what to look out for when you post craigslist ads Craigslist Free Classified Ads

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Post Free Ad Craigslist


Post Free Ad Craigslist

In this video we show you how to post free ad on craigslist and get them to go live in the Jobs section, one of the hardest sections on craigslist to get your ads to stick

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Post Free Ad Craigslist

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Where to Find the Best Natural Skin Care Products Online (and Save Money)


Where to Find the Best Natural Skin Care Products Online (and Save Money)

For people who are concerned with what they put on their skin and face – which should be everyone, come on! – the quest for the best natural skin care products online is a serious one.

But what is it we’re really finding? When certain companies that have reputations for being, shall we say, less than all-natural start touting their credibility as the best all-natural skin care products maker around, you’ve got to wonder what the rules are for labeling something “natural” or “organic.”

casherThere is USDA certification for organic, but some companies use labels like “all-natural” or “earth-friendly” or some other label that isn’t covered under USDA guidelines. On the other side of that coin are companies that ARE organic or all-natural but can’t afford to pay the high cost of certification. These are my favorite companies and some of the ones I will highlight.

With that in mind, I’ve done the research and give you my top picks for the best natural skin care products and brands you can trust and a few places online where you can buy them and save big money.

Burt’s Bees

(Dubli VIPs: up to 9.2%; up to 7.2%)

Okay, I’m starting with Burt’s Bees because I just LOVE the lip balm. But beyond that, Burt’s makes a bevy of other products that are all based on their science of “kitchen chemistry.” They keep their ingredients all-natural through what their website refers to as “modern science grown in your garden.”

Their products include lip balm; facial care such as creams, lotions, and exfoliants; and body care including sun care, hand and foot care, moisturizers, and soaps. (But I’ve really only scratched the surface.)

100% Pure

(Dubli VIPs: Birchbox up to 9.2%, up to 12.5%)

As this brand’s name infers, the products are all 100% pure. The products, according to their website, are “completely free from any skin irritating chemicals, damaging toxins, artificial fragrances and harmful parabens. Instead, they’re jam-packed with naturally occurring antioxidants that will not only improve the health of your skin, but also, help your good fight against premature aging.”

The products include everything for skin, body, hair, and nails, as well as fruit-dyed makeup.

Dr. Bronner’s

(Dubli VIPs: Target up to 7%; up to 8%; up to 9.6%)

While this was a frequent inclusion in my camping gear as a child (since it is biodegradable and effective for washing dishes – among other things – in the wild), Dr. Bronner’s products have multiple uses for the body as well. This family-owned maker of the top-selling brand of natural soaps in the U.S. is committed to making environmentally-responsible products and giving back.

It’s products include liquid soaps, bar soaps, hair care, lip and body balms, lotions, shaving gels, hand sanitizing spray, toothpaste, and even virgin organic coconut oils for cooking.

“With this list of the best natural skin care products — and the online stores where you can save both time and money when ordering these products — you can do some good for not only your wallet, but also for your skin AND the environment.”

Josie Maran

(Dubli VIPs: Sephora up to 9.0%; up to 6.6%)

Josie Maran’s top selling product is its straight argan oil, which is the primary ingredient in most of its products. Josie’s philosophy is based on the idea that you can have both a luxury feel and a conscience with an organic product. And after she met a 70-year old in the South of France who looked 40 and found that her secret was argan oil, she knew she found her niche.

Her products run the gamut of skin, face, lips, cheeks, eyes, body, hair, hands, and nails.

Le Couvent des Minimes

(Dubli VIPs: up to 9.2%; up to 12.5%; up to 11.2%; up to 9.9%)

From lotions, “healers”, and lip balms, to colognes, deodorants, and shampoos, this French skincare company has the natural solution for anyone. The minimalist approach of the Franciscan missionaries who ran this place for a couple hundred years developed the recipes that are still in use today.

Paula’s Choice

(Dubli VIPs: up to 10.2%)

Paula’s Choice founder Paula Begoun was motivated to start her line of skin care and cosmetics after a youth filled with acne, eczema, and other skin problems and the discovery of what horrible ingredients were in the brands she used. She is the author of 20 books on cosmetics. Her product line is vast and the website is very informative.

With this list of the best natural skin care products — and the online stores where you can save both time and money when ordering these products — you can do some good for not only your wallet, but also for your skin AND the environment.



Summer Staycation Ideas: Have a great vacation close to home



Summer Staycation Ideas — You’ll Never Get Bored

When I think of summer vacation, I think of crowded beaches, noisy campgrounds, expensive hotels, and frustrating airports. But maybe that’s just me. (Probably not.)

That’s why I look forward to my staycation every year. That’s right, my “staycation.” My vacation at home. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the beach and the mountains and flying off to distant lands, but over the years I have turned my home into my sanctuary and it would be a humongous waste to only use it a few hours a day and on the weekends when I’m not working.

casherSo three years ago I made a decision: during the main summer vacation period I would stay at home with my family and we would do stuff. And talk! And eat together! And create things! And clean! (Cue the evil laugh)

And since I’ve been doing it for three years, I’ll tell you briefly about what we did each year to give you some summer staycation ideas, should you decide to follow my lead.

The first year…

My kids were not excited about staying at home, because, really, a kid’s life is pretty much a vacation all the time. So I had to make it interesting and come up with some good summer staycation ideas (and promise them something great for our Thanksgiving trip).

The local museums

Okay, I admit I have a bit of an advantage here, since our “local” museums are all located on The Mall in Washington, D.C. The Air and Space Museum is a great place to visit over and over, and not just for the kids. I think we’ve all got a little George Jetson in us. We also visited the Natural History Museum and the Corcoran Gallery.

If you don’t have the nation’s greatest treasury within an hour or so, check the local listings and see what you do have. Do a Google search for museums in your zip code and you might be surprised what you find.

The local lake

Been fishing lately? I hadn’t gone fishing in more than 20 years when one of my kids mentioned that his friend was going to Alaska for a week and would be fishing. Well, there was no time like the present, so we headed to the local sporting goods store and bought the basic, grabbed some worms from the garden (sorry guys), and headed to the nearby public lake.

I must say it was a truly educational experience for all of us. Lines got tangled, worms were wiggly, and a certain dad ended up in the water up to his knees retrieving a certain son’s hat.

Hiking Trails

Another day we headed into the mountains to the west. It was a short drive to some good trails that presented some beautiful scenic overlooks and a variety of terrain, streams, and wildlife. After a few hours, we stopped at some picnic tables and had a picnic. We even made a game out of collecting garbage during the walk back. My kids were quite happy after a full six hours being unplugged from the net.

The second year…

My kids knew what to expect, or so they thought. After last summer’s quiet, I decided we would spice it up and invite my sister’s family over to join us for the staycation. With five kids in the house ranging from 6 to 14, it was going to be a challenge. But at least we had enough adults to keep them in check.

The Water Park

There’s a nearby water park that’s open seven days a week within an hour of our house. We chose a Wednesday and found it was only a little crowded. The ticket prices were a little steep, but we made due and had a blast.

River Boat Dinner Cruise

Since my sister was in town, we decided to go down to the Potomac River and take an evening dinner cruise. The ride was calm and scenic and the food was tasty. Best of all, the kids loved it. They took pictures, ran around on the upper deck, and were exhausted by the time we got home. (A great time to open a few bottles of wine and be normal adults for a while.)

The BIG Barbecue

Again, with guests in town and a house full of mouths, we decided to have our blowout barbecue and invite what few neighbors were still around. Everyone pitched in and we actually extended it to a second day in hopes of consuming all the extra food. While we don’t have an actual swimming pool, we bought a couple of baby pools and lounged in them and got a slippy-slide for the kids and let them loose with their Super Soakers.

“I hope these summer staycation ideas sparked something in your imagination as well and will lead to some unforgettable times AT HOME!”

The third year was different…

This year I had different plans. We sent the kids to my sister’s, but we stayed home for most of the time. Here’s why:

The Kids’ Clubhouse Project

I’m sure you’ve all seen those “man caves” and “lady lairs” made from custom sheds from some of the bigger DIY stores like and Well, we decided we would keep our two young ones happy and occupied no matter what.

We did most of the preliminary work ourselves, but outsourced for the electrical and – believe it or not – plumbing. We set it up for sleepovers with four small fold-down beds, two desks, some shelving, a TV and video games, a small sink to fill their Super-Soakers, a mini fridge, and other stuff. Oh, and a really good lock on the door!

When they got home at the end of the week, they went absolutely nuts. So, although my vacation was over, my wife and two boys had a blast decorating it and filling it with games, toys, and more.

The best part about building this shed with my wife was seeing how after all these years we’ve gotten so good at “being” together. We can read each other’s minds to some extent and were on the same page when it came to our kids.

(When they head off to college or get bored of the shed, my wife and I will flip a coin to see who gets to redecorate it as our grown-up clubhouse. Come on tails!)

I hope these summer staycation ideas sparked something in your imagination as well and will lead to some unforgettable times AT HOME!

To paraphrase (and butcher) a popular French saying, “Bonne Staycation!”

this article was written by a firend of mine a Summer Staycation Expert so to speak


How to Save Money at the Grocery Store


How to Save Money at the Grocery Store

  • Start with meal planning.  There are some great sites out there to get you started (among them and, or you can start from scratch and plan the meals that your family loves most.  As you’re planning, keep in mind what your schedule really looks like, not the way you wish it could be.  Account for nights when you need to be able to shove something fast in the oven or microwave and make those meals easy and fast.  Try not to use a lot of “specialty” ingredients–and if you do buy one, plan a couple of meals that will use it so that you’ll use up all of that ingredient instead of having some left over that will just get thrown away.
  • While you’re planning your meals, to ensure maximum savings, take a look at what’s going to be on sale at your grocery store this week.  Most stores provide their in-store flyers online so you can take an advance peek.  Know that ground turkey is going to be on sale?  This would be a good week for meatloaf, spaghetti made with ground turkey, or turkey burgers.  Are chicken breasts marked down?  Fajitas, chicken Parmesan, or grilled chicken breasts might go on your list.  Planning your weekly or monthly meals around the current sales will help you save more money in the process–and help give you ideas.
  • Once you know what your meals are going to look like, “shop” in your cabinets first.  What do you already have to prepare the meals for the week?If you already have three boxes of pasta or three cans of chicken, you don’t need to pick up more while you’re eat the grocery store (unless you’re planning to eat a lot of spaghetti). Make your list based on what you really need, not on what you think you might need.
  • While you’re in your cabinets anyway, take a look at what things aren’t actually getting eaten.  Look through your fridge and see what fruits and vegetables are getting thrown away at the end of the week.You’ll know to buy fewer of those in the future.
  • Clip coupons.  Some stores provide online coupons; others require you to get theSunday paper.  However–and this is key–only clip coupons for products that you were already planning to buy anyway.Buying something just because it’s a “good deal” won’t save you money in the long run.
  • Once you arrive at the grocery store, keep track of what you’re actually spending as you shop.  You’re already carrying your grocery list; take a minute to mark down the price of each item as you buy it and keep a running total (round up to the next dollar to make the math easier to allow for tax).This will do two things:  first, it will force you to look at the actual price of each item instead of just grabbing them randomly; and second, it will help prevent impulse buys because you have to hold yourself accountable for each one.When you reach your budgeted amount for the grocery trip, either you’re done, or you have to put something back.
  • Shop around the outside of the store first.  This is usually where the healthier items–meat; produce; dairy; frozen foods–are kept.  Filling your cart with those items before you venture into the center aisles will help keep you on track and will make you less likely to grab impulse items, especially if you’re nearing the end of your budget.
  • Check out the “manager’s special” or “clearance” meat area.  These are meats that have just been marked down because they’re nearing their expiration date.  If you have plenty of freezer space, there’s nothing wrong with any of these meats (or with stocking up on them); they’ll keep just fine in the freezer.Also, take a look at your store’s “scratch and dent” area, where boxes or cans that have been damaged during shipping are kept.  There are often some great deals there that just happen to come in a squished box–and do you really care what the box looks like, as long as the product inside is fine?
  • Pay attention as the cashier is scanning your items, and check your receipt before you leave the store.  Most of the time, you won’t find any errors; but cashiers are human, too, and mistakes do occur.If you do find something after you’ve already paid for your order, calmly go up to the customer service desk and ask that they take care of it–they’re usually glad to help.
  • Try to get everything you need for a week or more in a single trip.  You’ll be more likely to pick up more impulse items if you’re running to the grocery store several times a week for those must-have items that you just happened to forget, and those impulse purchases add up fast.  Instead, make one big trip for the whole week (or for a two-week spread or a month at a time, with smaller trips in the middle for produce and other perishables).  You’ll discover that your wallet thanks you.


10 Ways You Can Save Cash at Macy’s


10 Ways You Can Save Cash at Macy’s

Whether you need a new sofa, a bottle of perfume, an evening gown, or clothes for your new baby, Macy’s has it all. But do you know how to get the best deal on your purchases? Here are ten ways you can save money at Macy’s.


Before heading to the store, take a few minutes to search the Internet to see if there are any printable coupons. These are typically worth 10% to 30% off, and are usually specific to a certain department such as an additional 15% off sale and clearance items. One site you should definitely check out is Macy’s own website,  They have a deal & promotions section that can save you a lot of money. Also check the Sunday flyer for more savings.


Always look and see if there is a clearance section in the department you are shopping in. Items are usually 45% to 65% off.

Macy’s Credit Card

Cardholders receive several benefits including saving up to an additional 20% off on sale and clearance items during certain events. You can also receive surprise savings at the register. If you have ever lost money because you forgot to return an item within 30 days, this card can help. It gives you 180 days to return your unwanted purchase. Only open an account if you can pay off the balance each month. The fees and interest will add up quickly.


Many of Macy’s short-term sales begin on Wednesday or Thursday and end on Sunday. It is best to shop later in the week in order to take advantage of the extra savings. Also watch for One Day Sales that usually happen around holidays including Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Deep discounts are offered on many items such as household items and jewelry.

Free Shipping on Purchases $99 and More

If you want to shop online, wait until your order total is at least $99 so you do not have to pay shipping. This will save you at least $8.00. Items such as furniture are not included in this offer. Make sure you know what the exclusions are before placing your order.

Email Offers

Signing up to receive emails from Macy’s will give you offers such as free shipping and discounts (usually 15% off) for purchases made at the store or online. These offers are exclusive to those who opt to get the email. You do not want to miss the savings, so make sure the email is not being sent to your spam folder.

Price Adjustment Policy

If an item you bought is reduced in price within 14 days of the date of sale, Macy’s will refund the difference in price as long as you present your original receipt. If you do not have it, give the clerk your order number and he or she can look it up.

Other Discounts

Current and former military members can save 10% off on the first Tuesday of every month. The discount is 15% if payment is made with a Macy’s Card.

Bridal Registry

If you are getting married, consider registering for your bridal shower gifts at Macy’s. If you have a Macy’s Card, it has a Registry Star Rewards program that allows you to earn 5% rewards each time someone makes a purchase from your registry. You’ll earn 10% rewards on purchases you charge to your Macy’s card. After your wedding, you will receive your earned rewards in the form of a Macy’s gift card.


Join DubLi to save even more on your Macy’s purchases. At the free level, you will earn 2.5% cashback, 6.5% at the premium level, or 8.5% back at the V.I.P. level. To learn more click the image below!

We hope these tips will help you save money next time you shop at Macy’s. If you would like to learn more about our cashback offers, please visit our website.


How to get in Shape without Breaking the Bank


How to get in Shape without Breaking the Bank

So it’s almost summer and you’re still not feeling that good about your body?

What about that New Year’s Resolution you made 5 months ago? Remember?

casherIt went something like this: “This year, I will lose weight and get back the body I had when I was 25. I will eat better, move more, and will get in shape for summer by June 1.”

So now you think you blew it and it’s too late and you’ll be the one wearing the sarong and t-shirt over your sexy bikini when you walk down the beach, right? Wrong!

You can do this. And I’d like to point you in the direction of how you can get in shape for summer without breaking the bank.

Let’s jump right in so you don’t get bored and head for the cat videos…

When considering each of my suggestions, you need to ask yourself, “How badly do I want to get in shape for summer?” Seriously, the reason nothing has happened so far this year toward reaching your health, weight loss, or fitness goals has nothing to do with a busy schedule, bad weather, or personal issues. It’s directly linked to how badly you want to change. It requires effort and sustained commitment. Of course, there’s always liposuction or dangerous speed-like diet pills.

But let’s consider at-home WORKOUT PROGRAMS first…

The king of all video workout program companies is Beach Body (up to 12.5% cash back with Dubli*).

With programs like 21 Day Fix®, 21 Day Fix EXTREME®, P90X®, P90X3®, CIZE, INSANITY MAX:30, Body Beast®, FOCUS T25®, PiYo®, INSANITY®, 10-Minute Trainer®, TurboFire®, P90®, Brazil Butt Lift®, LES MILLS COMBAT, Tai Cheng®, Slim in 6®, Hip Hop Abs®, and Rockin’ Body®, you’re bound to find one that matches your fitness level, commitment level, and goals.

Or maybe you want to JOIN A GYM, but don’t want to be surrounded by too many fitness freaks or hotties in tight spandex…

24 Hour Fitness (up to 9.2% cash back with Dubli*) may be your answer. Since it’s open round-the-clock, you can start your workout when all the annoying skinny folks have gone home. However, if you don’t mind the crowds, they offer group classes and personal training. (I’d strongly suggest either a personal trainer or an accountability partner to help you stay on track.)

“If you want to get in shape for summer and want a fighting chance at getting there, I’m not going to suggest you go vegan or cut out all fun foods completely. I will, however, suggest completely removing soft drinks (yes, diet drinks, too) from your diet.”

JUST TAKE A WALK. Yep, the king of all exercise, the one humans have been doing the longest, is walking. Studies show that walking 10 minutes a day will have a profound effect on your health and fitness levels at any age.

Start off slow. Walk down the street and back. Then walk around the block. Or if you’re REALLY out of shape, count your steps and add 10 more each day. Get a pedometer to do the counting for you. Your goal should be 10,000 steps a day in the near term, and much more as you start feeling stronger and stronger.

Walking is also a great time to work on your mind. Take along some audio books and improve yourself in all ways. I like to listen to motivational books by authors like Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, and Jim Rohn. Join (up to 12.5% cash back with Dubli*) and load up on audio books today.

Now that you’re working on your fitness level, you might want to consider some dietary supplements to give your body what it’s been missing. If you’re lifting weights, you may need some extra protein to help rebuild those muscles. Amino acids and protein drinks, vitamins and minerals, and flax seed and chia seeds, just to name a few of the many choices of ways to give your body what it needs to shed those pounds, add that muscle, and kill that cellulite.

GNC (up to 9.6% cash back with Dubli*), Pro Health (up to 12.5% cash back with Dubli*),Vitamin Shoppe (up to 7.3% cash back with Dubli), and TNVitamins (up to 15.7% cash back with Dubli*), just to name a few, all offer great online service and cash back. Some of the sites also offer blogs and important info that will help you make the right choices. Though it may be advantageous to do some research about which supplements you may need before buying them — consult a doctor or a nutritionist — and then buy what you need at any of the online stores listed above.

The only thing I left out was eating healthy. We all know what we have to do and what kinds of food we need to STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM. We just need to start doing it. If you want to get in shape for summer and want a fighting chance at getting there, I’m not going to suggest you go vegan or cut out all fun foods completely. I will, however, suggest removing soft drinks (yes, diet drinks, too) from your diet. Quit cold turkey and you will see outstanding results. DRINK WATER. Add a lemon if you want. But avoid colas as though your life depends on it, because it might actually.

So take these suggestions as you will. But if you do only two things on this list — start walking and drinking water — then my work here has been a success. These two minor changes will surprise you with how fast they will change your physical and mental outlook on life.

Good luck!

* Find out more about Dubli or become a free member now by clicking the ad below



5 Do It Yourself Car Maintenance Tips To Save Big Money


5 Do It Yourself Car Maintenance Tips To Save Big Money

When it comes to do it yourself car maintenance, I used to be like a deer in the headlights, but when money got a little tight, I had to just suck it up and open the hood.

I’ll admit, it wasn’t fun at first, but when I realized how much money I was saving by NOT paying a mechanic to do silly things like change my windshield wiper blades and my air filter (and later, my oil), I started to enjoy it.

casherWhat follows are five tips to save you time and money and keep your car running better and longer.

I’ll start with the easiest one first and work my way up to the more challenging jobs.

1. Check and adjust your tires’ air pressure

Greasy fingers factor: 1/5

Not only is this a completely simple thing to do, but it will help you save on fuel costs, extend the life of your tires, and your car will handle better. Most people wait until something happens before they bother to check their tire pressure. Make this a regular habit when you fill your tank or when you wash your car.

First, you need to find out what the air pressure SHOULD be. This information is available in several places – inside the driver door near the frame of the vehicle, inside the glove box door, on the side of the tires, or in the vehicle’s owners manual.

Next, you’ll take your air pressure gauge (they cost a few dollars at most) and place it over the end of the air nozzle on the tire. The gauge will pop out and show you the exact air pressure. Add or release air as needed.

2. Change your air filter

Greasy fingers factor: 2/5

The air filter, like the tire pressure, is easy to ignore. But with a dirty air filter, your car will NOT operate at its peak performance level. This filter helps your car’s fuel injector determine the optimal air:fuel ratio, which plays a huge role in fuel efficiency.

Most car manuals suggest changing your air filter every 60,000 miles, but depending on the climate and environment you live in, you should reconsider that arbitrary number. For instance, if you live in a dry and dusty region, you may need to replace it more frequently.

First, you need to buy the proper air filter. This is easy. The boxes will tell you if it is right for your car. You could also open the hood and remove your air filter first, but a lot of stores would prefer you NOT do that kind of thing in their parking lot. Also, you DON’T want to drive without an air filter, so don’t do it at home and drive with it. Maybe just ask for assistance at the store.

Once you have the new filter, locate the filter in your engine (if you haven’t already done so). It should be encased in black plastic and held shut with metal clips. Release the clips, remove the old filter, wipe out any debris that may be inside the filter case, and insert the new filter. Close and clip the cover, close the hood, and voila, you’re done.

3. Change the windshield wipers

Greasy fingers factor: 1/5

Like air pressure and air filters, the wiper blades are often ignored until they are either dry-rotted from the summer sun, or spreading streaks of dead bugs around your windshield. Replace this at least once a year, though I would recommend doing it in the fall and spring.

First, you’ll need to get the correct wiper blade. It’s easy enough to remove the blade from your vehicle and bring it into the store with you. To remove the blade, lift the wiper arm away from the windshield, click the tab under the wiper and slide it off.

Replacing a blade is pretty easy most of the time, but if you put the wiper blade on wrong, it could go flying off during the first downpour. To make sure this doesn’t happen, just be sure to slide the blade all the way into place and double check that it clicks in and can’t be slid off without clicking the release tab.

Some stores will offer to replace your wiper blades for free, but it often requires buying a higher-priced wiper blade.

4. Replace your spark plugs

Greasy fingers factor: 3/5

Here is another important bit of do it yourself car maintenance you can do to keep your car running smoother, longer, and more efficiently. The spark plugs are the literal spark that keeps your pistons pumping and your fuel burning properly. A few signs that you need to change your spark plugs are a rough idle, trouble starting, high fuel consumption, and lack of acceleration.

First, you’ll need to check your car manual (or the website for your make and model) and check what kind of spark plugs you need and how many. Also, make sure you have a spark plug socket extension among your socket wrench set. If not, buy one of those as well.

Pop your hood and locate your spark plugs. They will be found where all the rubbery wires meet. (These wires should also be replaced from time to time.)

Remove the spark plug wires one at a time by grabbing them as close to the engine as you can. Start at the back and work your way forward. After you remove the wire, place the spark plug socket as far down the plug as it will fit and remove the plug. Install the new plug, at first by hand-tightening, then use your wrench. Make it tight, but don’t try to torque it in place!

Repeat with each spark plug.

So there you have five do it yourself car maintenance tips that will save you a ton of money each year. Oh, and you’ll look pretty cool as you tinker around with your car, which does wonders for your street cred.

5. Change the oil and oil filter

Greasy fingers factor: 4.5/5

This is one of the more challenging jobs for a beginner, but it is also the one that will save you the most money. Before you get started you will need several quarts of oil to replace the old oil, a recycling pan to catch the old oil that you will drain from your car, and a new oil filter. Also, keep plenty of rags on hand.

If you can get your car off the ground on a pair of jack stands, great. If you don’t have jack stands, jack your car up carefully and use cinder blocks or bricks to stabilize the car under the tires. You won’t be under the car very long anyway, but play it safe at any rate.

Next, you’ll need to position the oil recycling pan under the oil filter and carefully remove the oil filter. Oil will pour out at this point, so be ready to get a few drops on you.

What I usually do is allow the oil to drip out for about 10-15 minutes to allow for some of the sludgier bits to work their way down.

Next, be sure to remove the rubber gasket that sat between the filter and the car. Wipe the gasket area clean. Next rub some clean oil on the new gasket before installing the new oil filter.

Finally, lower the car from its perch and replace the new oil until it’s full. Use the dipstick to make sure you neither under fill or overfill it.

Once you’re done and cleaned up, you’ll be able to take yourself out for a celebratory lunch with some of the money you saved. And don’t forget to recycle the oil.

So there you have five do it yourself car maintenance tips that will save you a ton of money each year. Oh, and you’ll look pretty cool as you tinker around with your car, which does wonders for your street cred.

Enjoy the savings and your new-found hobby. And don’t forget to buy a big jar of Goop to get your hands clean.


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