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Posted by Robert Hollis on Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Typically when we are marketing a product or service, we are always talking about the values and benefits of those products and services.

If you’re in the personal coaching arena it’s all about the personal experiences you will get when you follow what your coach suggests you do to be happy and successful.

If you have the limiting belief that you don’t have enough documentation to be of some help to someone else, let me help you to get over that limiting belief.

What it’s based on is what kind of experience they will get from you and your coaching.

When you help someone by sharing information and they use that information to get an experience in their life.

When I met my mentor/coach he suggested that I read Think and Grow Rich, and also The Greatest Miracle in the World. And with those two books I changed the way I thought about life and success.

My all time favorite book is The Science of getting Rich.

I give away Think and Grow Rich, The Science of getting Rich, my own book How is that Working all PDF form and the movie The Secret.

There are two groups of people:

Group one is the people that have said “Is this all there is?” “ enough is enough. I’m tired of how my life is going. I don’t want to live like this anymore.”

When you are at that place in your life, you will do the things that people tell you to do.

Group two are the people that have many excuses, I’m broke, I don’t have any money, but it’s not bad enough. Because when they are sent the link of all the free books and movie, they won’t even look at. And it’s free!

When I have people get in touch with me and tell me that they want my help, the first thing that I ask them is “tell me one thing that you learned from me that you’re doing every morning as a positive morning ritual. Their response “You’re right”.

It’s not about me being right, it’s about you not being at the place in your life where it’s uncomfortable and you want change.

Group one, when they get the information they dig into it right away, because they want a positive change in their life.

Group two, have too many excuses to get out of their own way to receive the help.

If you’ve been told by your coach to do something, and you haven’t done it should he take anymore of his time to help you?

My mentor told me to read The Greatest Miracle in the World and in the book is the Gods Memorandum, to be read 100 days in a row, until it becomes a part of you.

You should have hiring a personal coach on your bucket list…

The experiences of hiring a personal coach and the outcome of their help is priceless.

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