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Posted by Robert Hollis on Friday, August 19, 2016


Another Great Post I just got from my buddy Robert Hollis

95% of the people do not like sales.

Do you like to be sold?

A majority of people don’t like to be pressured to buy something.

A lot of times were put in a position of having someone send their product they are trying to sell or just a link to their sales site.

My mentor shared a saying with me and it’s so powerful

He asked me, “How would I feel if….”

and  “How would I act if….”

If you’re out trying to sell to people…which people are doing everyday.

And you then say selling on the internet doesn’t work, it’s because you are selling and people don’t like to be sold.


There’s the personality that likes sales, if you’ve ever seen any of these movies

Glengarry Glen Ross, Wall Street, Boiler Room these people love sales!

The Persuasion Technique!

We’ve all gone to a place to purchase something and the salesperson is so pushy that we’ve walked out and didn’t purchase what we went there for.

Pushy sales people are uncaring and inconsiderate.

They only want your money for the sale.

If you’re getting emails and texts from people that are just trying to sale you something without asking anything about you first ( building relationships )

then you are being sold…and they are salespeople. They don’t care about you.

If someone is not listening to you, asking questions about you, if you have children, if you’re married, sadly they are only in touch with you to sell you something.

Sales people only want the sale to benefit them, not interested if you need their product or service.

There’s a phrase, “People don’t care what you know, unless they know that you care”.

If you’re a marketer you want to out give the person.

I want to build relationships first.

I want to give with reciprocity so that they will Like, Know and Trust me

Some people were never taught that you need to build relationships with people.

Advertising is part of marketing.

If you look at large Companies and take notice to their ads, I’ll use Apple for an example.

The way they get millions of consumers to purchase their products is through touching your emotions.

They show you experiences you can have if you purchase their products

Salespeople typically only care about the sale and what it can do for them

Marketers typically build relationships and want both parties to benefit from the sale.

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