Software Review – Squeeze Manager

Are you Sick of Wishing and Hoping for Thousands of Extra Dollars a Month?

Well Those Dollars Are There For The Taking!


Get Rid of Low Converting Sales Pages

Dramatically Reduce Your Bounce Rates

Maximize Your Profit From Your Highest Converting Pages!

Filter Visitors By Geo- Location to Protect Your Conversion Rates

Increase the Impact of Your Sales Pages!

Capture Traffic from Every Device – Grab Lucrative Mobile Users!
You just aren’t pulling in the sales you should be getting.

You just keep hoping things will turn around, but they don’t.

No-one is hitting the buy button on your sales page and your squeeze pages certainly aren’t bringing any opt-ins. Something is definitely going wrong somewhere!

But what?


Could it be?

The headline isn’t drawing them in?
The video is pointing them to the buy button?
The video isn’t capturing their imagination?

All of the above? None of the above?

You’re not the only one who’s been in this dark place!

Believe it or not, I started out in this business back in the nineties – yeah, that long ago! There’s not a lot I haven’t experienced, including wondering why, however much work I put in, those sales just don’t seem to come through! Don’t despair though, I’ve got past all that and gone on to build a very substantial income!

In all the years I’ve been I this business, I can’t begin to count the number of people who’ve asked me why they aren’t getting sales and wondering what they’re doing wrong. The simple answer is, it’s not about what they’re doing, but what they’re not doing. They’re missing out a vital part of their business, SPLIT TESTING.

WHY Don’t People Split Test???

They don’t have the technical knowledge to set it up.

They don’t realize the how much profit they’re missing out on.

Split Testing Can Put You In With The 6 Figure Earners

Let me show you how to take away the guess work.

You start by giving split testing a try:

You test 2 pages.

Day I.
Page 1 gets 100 visitors and converts at 5%.
Page 2 also gets 100 visitors, but converts at 10%.

If you were marketing that product at $10, just take a look at what you would be losing.

Over the course of the month, Page 2 would have earned $1500 MORE than Page 1- assuming of course, you didn’t disable Page 1, in which case you’re earnings would have been even higher.


If you don’t try out split testing, you’ll never know how much profit you could be making. Do you really want to live life in the slow lane?

Lose out on hundreds of visitors to your site

Lose out on hundreds of dollars in profit

Lose out on knowing why your page isn’t converting visitors to buyers
If You Don’t Split Test, You’ll Never Know How To Cash In On Your Maximum Earning Potential.

This is your big chance to find out what elements on your pages are driving visitors away and what’s tempting them to hit the buy button, or give you their opt-in information.

If you don’t have that information, things simply won’t improve.

It’s unlikely that you’ll come up with that perfect sales page first time around. After all my years in the business, I rarely get the ideal page in just one attempt.

Just one split test can dramatically increase your conversion rates, boost your sales and put hundreds, even thousands of dollars in your pocket.

I know this for a fact. I didn’t see the real money coming through until I decided to start split testing.

“MY Opt-Ins Increased By Over 38% With Just One Split Test!”

Yes, just One split test – imagine what could happen if you used split testing ALL the time!

Don’t Have a Clue About Technical Stuff?

You’re not alone there; loads of people avoid split testing simply because they lack the technical skills and knowledge to set it up.

Well, those days are over! Split testing is now available to everyone. Even you!

So put away those excuses!

This piece of software gives you everything you need to start split testing.

It couldn’t be simpler – it does it all for you!
What Else Can Squeeze manager Do For You?

With Squeeze manager you can track multiple squeeze pages to see which one is performing best for you. It can automatically disable the worst pages sending all your traffic to the pages that DO convert.

It can prevent you sending traffic to countries that don’t have the ability to pay and would damage your conversion rates.

It allows you to see what mobile traffic does when it hits your pages. You can check if they’re opting in. If not, you can split test the page and get those mobile users opting in.


Easy-to-Use Split Testing and Tracking Tool

Makes Split Testing STUPIDLY Simple

Download, install and you’re ready to start split testing.



The real beauty behind this software is two unique features designed to increase your success beyond split testing.

1. Mobile Tracking Device

According to Google, at least 66% of people are now searching on their mobile device.

If you’re not catering for the mobile market, you’re missing out on hundreds of thousands of potential visitors!

2. Geo-location

Squeeze is so smart; it can actually detect the geo IP of your visitors.

This is no average split tester.

Squeeze Protects Your Business, Boosts Conversions and Maximizes Your Profits!


Automatically disable low converting pages so you’ll never have to worry about wasting traffic!

Email you to let you know which pages are not converting as well as they should be.

Filter visitors by Geo-location to prevent known countries from demolishing your conversion rates.

Detect mobile users and direct them to mobile-friendly pages to decrease your bounce rates and capture the thousands of users that browse on their mobile device.

Maximize your opt-ins, amplify your sales and skyrocket your profits. No more guesswork! You can be sure you’re maximizing your income!

Stop HOPING for Success. Make it Happen with Squeeze!

Squeeze has the potential to attract hundreds, even thousands of extra opt-ins, not to mention all that extra money you could be earning!

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