No Lead Flow! No Cash Flow!

This post was sent to my by One of My Mentors Robert Hollis. He talks about the Shadow Commission Project which I am part of. Check out the Video he is amazing on camera

󾓝󾓝 NO Lead Flow! NO Cash Flow! 󾓝󾓝
$28,749.00 from 386 Sales from 2471 Leads in 21 Days!
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Posted by Robert Hollis on Monday, August 15, 2016

Matthew and I have joined forces with the Digital Gangster Eric Green and Fabulous Paul Turner. They have the Shadow Commission Project. They are truly extraordinary Marketeers.

We’ve joined forces with them to help build Life Mechanic and Life Mechanic University.

They also have an instant pay program. Some people are looking for immediate pay, they need money tomorrow. They can show you how to get paid the following day, I can show you how to make residual money every month. It’s a really great balance we share.


Today is the 21st day since we’ve merged together, and my son Matthew has been working pretty much non stop doing an incredible job of providing all the back office things they need. And Paul and Eric know exactly what to say online, how to put the copy together and run the ads.

Our stats so far:

In 21 days we’ve generated 2471 new contacts that came into our database with infusionsoft.

117 brand new people a day on average that downloaded my free book How is that Working, and come into our back office.

With that they get introduced to Life Mechanic University.

It also turned into 386 sales which generated $28,741.00 in sales.

It doesn’t matter what type of marketing your in if you’re not getting your story, your products, YOU in front of brand new people everyday that are interested, game over!

When I started in my first business which was selling water filters. I struggled, I put cake boxes with give aways in dry cleaners, hair salons, ect.

Which were not very successful.

I would demonstrate the water filters and leave them for a 3 day trial and then check back to sell them the filter.

Sound familiar with the free 3 day trial?

My mentor set me down to show me the ad he would put in the Sunday edition, he then showed me how to answer the ad calls and schedule them to the live presentation to which he presented.

So here we are today with Facebook:

1.5 billion people are active on Facebook.

Paul and Eric put together what they call “swipe copy”

I didn’t know what that was, they put together the advertising to where you click, swipe, copy, and paste.

They put together the exact ads your suppose to run, swipe and copy, they are amazing! They’ve figured it out!

I posted an exact ad the Eric gave me, changed nothing and got 118 people say yes!

Paul and Eric show us exactly how to attract and get people to interact with you and your ads.

Paul and Eric are the Masters at this!

If you could learn from a couple of digital masters, why wouldn’t you?

We are here to help you find success!

Check out the instant commission program we use in the Shadow Commission Project

Click Here for Info

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