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Posted by Robert Hollis on Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My mentor taught me to do good first!

This most important skill not just for marketing or for success.

I’m talking about happiness in life!

The most important skill for me is being humble…

And with that skill you can easily edify and promote someone other than yourself.

This is so important. It will help you to understand why so many people have these limiting beliefs about who they are and what they do.

Too many people are unhappy and unfulfilled.

My mentor expressed to me to find out what the unhappy, unfulfilled, broke people are doing and do the exact opposite.


We’re taught by our peers to be in this crazy competitive mode. To do things by ourselves.

You’ll find those people who always talk about how smart, how great they are, how they are business owners.

Sometimes we have the thought that we have to make who we are and what we’re doing and our success larger than it is.

We believe that we need to impress others to get them to listen to us. Untrue

It’s a BS rule.

When you humble yourself the more people will lift you up!

They will promote and edify you.

We are so much more impressed by the humble, average or below average people doing something great than by the gifted person doing the same thing.

It’s better to be who you are! Your authentic self!

People are more relatable if they have shown some struggle or hardship.

People think they have to be documented to be successful. Untrue.

Keep humbling yourself and you’ll put all the attention, edification, and promotion on someone other than yourself.

When people try to be something they’re not, they’re not good at it

When you try to pretend you’re someone you’re not, you won’t be good at it

Everyone is trying to be the person with all the answers, the knowledge, the expert.

Always be humble and give edification and promotion to others better than you!

Until you become that person for someone else!

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Bill Soriano


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