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Posted by Robert Hollis on Thursday, July 28, 2016

Listen to the video by my mentor Robert Hollis in this post, like him, Several years back I was in a terrible financial bind. Robert was able to fix his situation, but the situation I had created actually caused me to file for bankruptcy. It was a chapter 13 the one where you pay your lendors back.

I had tried other methods before turning to bankruptcy, but what I found was the banks and lenders don’t care what your financial problems are they just want their money.

And one of the unfortunate things is that when we’re in a bad situation, that’s the only thing we focus on…our current crappy situation.

So when we’re so focused on ourselves and our situation, we stop listening to someone who can show us a way to make our current situation our past situation.

We just want to constantly tell whomever will listen how bad our life is, how broke we are, how we can’t find a job, how nothing is working in our favor.

What we should be saying is “I’m listening to what you have to say”. “I need suggestions on how to make things better”.

You get so good at telling your past and current story that you don’t take the time to listen to someone who can assist you in creating a new story.

And when something is suggested to get them on a positive path, they unfortunately return to the bad things in their life and they don’t really hear any of the positive suggestions.

You need to get the mentality where you’re saying “Tell me what to do!”

My mentors at the time told to me go get the book Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill and read that first to get your head on the right place, and then get back to me.

If you really want things in your life to get better and you have a coach or mentor and they suggest you do something like my mentor requested of me, they are sorting.

They want to see if your listening, if you’re serious about getting out of your current situation.

If you won’t do what is asked by your mentor than we are unable to assist you in your own rescue.

Your intent, your mind, your heart, your spirit if not in the right place, you’ve probably chased away some pretty amazing people who could have assisted you in getting your life on the right track.

Show that you’re serious about your own rescue. That you’ve had enough of the life you’ve lived so far.

That you want to be happier, more fulfilled.

Show us by your actions!

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