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Posted by Robert Hollis on Sunday, August 21, 2016



When I was taught this 28 years ago, the information changes from person to person.

In this day and age it’s kinda like telling rumors.

When information gets passed down from person to person it changes as it goes down the line of different people.

It was a core principle that was taught from my mentor.

How many people want to fit in?

You want to contribute in some way so that you can fit in somewhere.

Be a part of what’s going on.


When I was a mechanic I was fortunate enough to be in a meeting with about 70 people to which one of them was Roger Penske. And I had brought up in the meeting something that I had overheard from another race team. Mr. Penske in a nice way got on me about relaying information to others without knowing if it was true or not.

This I refer to as my Billion Dollar Lesson.

This huge lesson made me question so many things that I heard and thought.

I was asked “How do you know that”.

It was a life lesson. We sometimes have the tendency to repeat something that someone else told us, without making sure it was true or not.

Documentation Beats Conversation came from Roger Penske.

I just brought that phrase with me to network marketing.

When I would go to a Bill Gouldd seminar, he would start at one end of the room and tell that person something. He then would tell them to pass it on. As it went through the entire room of people and got to the last person he would say what did you hear?

Surprisingly what the last person heard was way off from what Bill Gouldd told the first person. That’s how exaggerated things can get. He would call this Whisper Down the Lane.

Every time someone would tell me something about their company or product, it didn’t matter how excited they were or how excited I would be with what they were telling me, I would research it.
When you hear something that you’re not sure is true or not, take the time to do your research so that you know if it’s true before you convey it to someone else.

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